Jay and two bits of luggage #1 – Arrival at Budapest

Home is behind, the world ahead, Peregrin Took said. This part of LOTR has always resonated with me: the idea of leaving your home to head into complete unknown and possibly never return. I always thought I’d be the one to sit around and rot in one place. Maybe go work abroad sometime. In the future. But sit comfortably in front of my computer for now. I’m not one for adventures.

No, not me.

After Sasha Daygame’s bootcamp, my world changed. I had just come back from an evening in Helsinki, frustrated at how empty the city felt after London. It was a gloomy and rainy day, and I was sitting on a train, listening to some drunk spew his bullshit. Finnish news topics were the same old propaganda and I was angry. I was angry and frustrated. As always, I vented my frustration over some instant messaging service to be met with a friendly, if surprising bit of insight: “No one is forcing you to be here, man.”

“No one is forcing you to be here.”

No one indeed, I thought. And suddenly I felt no more anger. All the frustration was gone. I had to go. It was the only way. Go where ever and find that same feeling I had in London.

That feeling of belonging.

Cut to four months later, in an airbnb in Budapest. Home is behind, and all my possessions have been reduced to fit into two suitcases. The world is ahead. Or London rather, which is where I hope to be heading, after I’ve set the groundwork for my business.


Saying goodbye to the apartment that had carried me from the gutter into a position, where self-improvement was possible was rough. Some junk I had carried a true emotional worth. Some of these appliances and furniture bits had followed me through countless homes. They all had names. They all had stories! Thankfully I was able to stow away the most important items, like letters from girls I used to know.

Friends and family were surprisingly supportive, and most were even surprised that I hadn’t gone before. I’m like hey thanks for telling me, dammit, if it was so obvious!

Some partings, of course, were harder than others..

So, after a rather hectic weekend moving crap and emptying an apartment and not sleeping at all (shout out to Timo for helping), grandma gave me a lift to the airport. Story pretty much continues way up to the next day, because I thought it’d be a good idea to sleep at Budapest airport, and reserved the airbnb only for the next night. Yeah, sleeping at the airport was a horrible idea. I’m totally not cut out for that.


But, on the bright side, while roaming the nighttime airport, I met a cute graphic artist Czech girl, so I guess it was worth staying up. She smiled a lot and had this idea of moving to Tel Aviv to work in warmer weather.

But no worries! I had a good rest on the Budapest blue line metro, which offers a cheap place for a nap in the daytime! In the end though, nothing beats a real (couch) bed, which was a godsend after being awake for way too long.

The Hungarian women though, wow. They are gorgeous! I fired up Tinder pretty soon to get a grasp of the locals, and it was almost comical swiping right constantly. But, as usual with me and Tinder, no amount of swipes seemed to create any matches, so I gave it a rest eventually.

Had an awesome night at the International Meeting Point Budapest and got to know some wonderful people. The first person that caught my eye there was this cute girl with strawberry coloured hair, so since I’m into this conquering fears business, I went to tell her she’s beautiful. And who’d a thunk it? I ended up having a bit of a French lesson with two French hotties. And a third French hottie later, but he was a guy. And spoke no French to me. So he doesn’t count! No, for realzies though, thank you IMP-ambassadors for making this sort of event happen!


Regarding Tinder, I did end up getting a match with this Hungarian girl. She seemed feisty and colourful enough, so I asked her out for frozen yogurts. So that’s fun!

Also, that French hottie with strawberry coloured hair? Surprisingly she was interested in human interaction and psychology, so of course I wanted to get to know her more! So we’re meeting for coffee tomorrow. Not bad for a social recluse on his first week abroad, eh?

Daygame wise, today was the first time in months I did anything regarding the subject. Daygame is when I chat up women on the streets, or just stop a beautiful girl to tell her I think she’s beautiful. But I figured, life is short and I absolutely must get this sorted. So after an excellent dinner, I went for a bit of a stroll. Even though it was bloody cold and the wind chill factor must’ve been something towards the low end of a Finnish winter. Not too long after I saw this amazing brunette on the other side of the street. And she was flying like some sort of Hungarian gazelle. I had to run to have any chance of catching her. Which I actually did, in the end!

But I choked. And did nothing.


Tomorrow I need to do an approach or few to get my mojo going, so I won’t be a total bore on my coffee date.

It’s now Friday evening. City is Budapest. I will be your guide on this journey of ups, downs, fears, loves, failures and successes.

My name is Jay, and I wear hats.

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