Jay and two bits of luggage #2 – It’s only a common housebug.

This piece of Reissumies-rye bread is my last. Any of you Finns out in the world will understand the significance of this event: a silent moment of contemplation. I didn’t even run it through the toaster. Just ate it dry and enjoyed every last dry fibery bit of it. I’m a romantic fool, yes, but it became a small little rite of passage for me. Two weeks out here, and I’m slowly growing accustomed to the world.

Last piece. I’ve always had a close relationship with this curious bit of bakery. But it’s gone. Along with it the word “friend”, no longer a static object, but rather something dynamic. Friends are out there to find. Some of them I’ll see again, some of them maybe not. The word “home” now refers to my airbnb. This rather dated airbnb apartment, with a slight bug problem and broken .. everything. But at least it offers a great sleep.. alone.

Bugs. This one is called Frank.
I offered Frank something to read.

Yeah ok, alone next to the bugs. But that Hungarian girl? Cute as she was, it won’t make up for the altogether nice shy girl fact. Yes, I’m bored easily. And sadly, she could not keep up. Hell, I’m afraid of breaking such a delicate flower! Nah, it’ll have to stay an innocent little coffee break.

Prime time and I’m the only customer! Thankfully salad was delicious.

The French girl though? Yeah, we had a colourful chat about cooking and psychology at the coolest little coffee shop ever! Seriously, the couple running the place were practically hippies in their pyjamas and the place was decorated like Indiana Jones’s carry on manpurse! My French date got some chocolatey goodness with strawberries and I had a nice cuppa white tea. I figured it was altogether a bit too friendly in the end, so I moved things along to the next place, but she had to be going. I thought we had, not a lot, but a bit of chemistry, but alas my kiss close failed in the most spectacular “let’s just be friends”-fashion.

Awesome. Sure, first I felt like I had returned to my altogether familiar neighbourhood of the “friendzone” and my heart fell through several layers of hell. But a couple of minutes after I felt great! I had tried my best, had a great time with an amazing girl and I was still alive! Rejection has its merits. The next day I did my first street approach in Budapest. Not because I was bitter and heartbroken, no. But because I had learned that rejection means exactly nothing, and I gave closer to zero shits than ever.

Damn it, no cute girls anywhere.. No, hold on! She’s cute! She’s practically gorgeous! Oh but I can’t, she’s got that nasty face on. That means she’s angry and will yell at me if I approach. Can’t do it. Nope.

Wait. WHAT THE FUCK am I saying? Turn around. Move your damn feet and go get that girl!

She wasn’t nasty at all. She had a lovely smile and thought my nervousness was rather endearing.

Awaiting her master

sashapua.com‘s Ryan Black told me he saw no sign of entrepreneurship in my life. And I could only agree. So, next to meeting people, the motor secondus for my digital nomad-escapade was getting my online business running. Since my previous mentorship had proven a brilliant investment, I applied into an online course in blogging under this one fella, who shall remain anonymous for now. Let’s just say he’s the first of many bloggers with a realistic feel of the market and a clear sense of directing his students. The course wasn’t free of charge, and I’ll be working my ass off to make results. I haven’t even gotten through the first module and it’s proving to be fascinating!

Of course my budget can’t handle these wild investments without a significant boost. So, as it happens, a friendly family from workaway.info e-mailed me to be an aupair for them. That’d take care of accommodation and food. And on top of that, I’d get to teach English by playing with a couple of kids! In fucking Venice.

Venice. I’ll be working in Venice. How did that happen?

Oh, Harold.

So, just to clarify: My business is taking huge strides forward, I’m slowly getting used to the idea of chatting up girls on the streets and I have a chance to help this family as a nanny. =) Oh! And a friend from Budapest entertained me with the idea of working an HR job.

Seriously. When I say this is becoming something exciting, you must understand my complete meaning: Hollywood would reject this script for reasons of incredulity.

It’s been two weeks. I’d have accomplished nothing in Finland in this time.

.. yeahp.

Reporting from Budapest, this has been Jay.

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