JTBL #10 – Be part of the story


Spending 3 nights on creating a landing page for your business? That’s rough work. Not to mention draining.

But I got it done. Fucking finished something. That’s awesome. I’m patting myself on the back!

Here’s the page, in case you’re interested in becoming a Rat Race Maverick!


I’m gonna order some business cards to spread out the message. It seems Iike I’m running into more and more interesting people on my odyssey.

The people on my odysseyIMG_20150411_170451

So there’s this dude, nicjasno. I’ve always thought he’s a bit strange. A pedantic car geek with a radical view on the world. But there was always a good vibe about him. I’m not sure what it was, but my instincts said it’d be a +ev proposition to spend some time in Slovenia. Oh, and it offered me a way out of Italy, which helped the decision.

So here we are, two weeks later. Nicjasno has introduced me to the local internet marketers, who churn out money like hot butter by selling tons of t-shirts with clever marketing. As a marketer of a slightly different field, I found this fascinating. We also visited the local American Car Show, where he introduced me to a local nightclub-DJ with a similar maverick-view on life. We ended up spending a lovely afternoon at this DJ’s home vineyard, discussing the higher values of life and the universe, women and marketing.
And cars! This man had been longing after his dream car, a certain military spec luxury offroader, for 30 odd years before finally having the means and resources to acquire one. And you could tell. That look, that expression of pure joy on his face, when we took it up and down the steep hills of his wine farm? Priceless! Some true happiness there! Incredible machine by itself, sure, but the story gave it a personality that just doesn’t exist in a car that you buy down at your local Volvo dealer for credit.

Adventures happen when you listen to instinct.

Lesson learned – listen to your damn instincts.

Listen to your damn instincts

So this nightclub-DJ was playing at a local club, which he advertised was a hot spot for Serbians, because of the music. Having a hot spot for Serbians, I needed to visit this club! Also Mr. Dude from before was in the company, and I wanted him to meet someone, and would damn well do my best to make it happen.

And ‘lo. There were women. And Mr. nightclub-DJ was playing some weirdly excellent music with an enthusiasm I rarely see. The place was on fire. I had a good feeling of not giving a shit about anything, so I gently took a passing girl’s arm because she had cute glasses. And incredible boobies. Told them that Mr. Dude wanted to say hi. He was a bit flabbergasted, but got some words out after a bit of coaxing. Here’s the funny part – I kinda was infatuated by the other girl talking to Mr. Dude. But this was a simple passing though. Not even a sidenote in my mind. Besides, Ms. Glasses was funny enough, so we danced a bit and hung out. Had some fun, I thought.

Some 20 minutes later, she asked me which one do I like, because I clearly want the other woman. The amount of empathy and perceptiveness of this woman, (and women in general) never ceases to astound me. I replied,

-Choose? I can’t choose between you! I think you’re both sexy, and I want to get to know you both.

Which wasn’t the answer she was looking for, so I became an asshole in her eyes.

An honest asshole, mind. She smiled at me under that angry face.

You could see she respected the honesty.

So then I got to know the other woman. This dark haired half Slovenian half Serbian marketing math wiz girl. Holy hell, she had this awesome energy about her. And she was so confident that it was almost cute. Apparently offputting to many men, because most men fear the strong woman. So we ended up outside, making out. I wanted to take her home and fuck her brains out. That’s what my instincts said I should do. But I didn’t. ‘cos I’m a moron.

Also, to add insult to injury, two days later my memory pulls a gag and reminds me of what she said when we were sitting outside.

-So uhh.. Where do you live?

I start spelling out the street name of my building, but can’t do it because I’m drunk and really have no idea.

-Uhh somewhere up there.

-Oh. Kiss me!

Then proceeded to do squat to actually take her to that address though. Didn’t even ask. Which lead to instant auto-rejection*. And not surprisingly, she’s quite cold the next day. I’ve been kicking myself for the last half hour for being such a knucklehead.

But, at least I realized my fucking mistake. Discovering life – one glorious failure at a time, right?

Oh, and it did give me some social momentum. I did my first street approach in weeks!

I hope I see her again. =(

Listen to your damn instincts, kids. Be part of the story, not a cog in the machine.


*auto-rejection = This is her shutting down to protect herself from a guy she thinks isn’t going to give her what she wants and needs. The causes of auto-rejection can be tied to at least one of the factors that can demote people status-wise:

  • Being too much of an asshole to a woman makes her feel insulted and fear rejection.
  • Being too aloof toward a woman makes her feel ignored and makes her fear rejection.
  • Showing too much value to a woman makes her feel outclassed and makes her fear rejection.
  • Moving too slow with a woman makes her feel sidelined, unimportant, and unwanted, and makes her fear rejection.


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