Quickie: Unwarranted publicity, WordPress migration, and trusting your instincts

under-constructionA bit about instinct and first impressions

Yesterday I heard a friend had randomly run into this site while searching for travel blogs. It was somewhat shocking, the utter realization that this stuff is actually visible to people out there.

It’s always a fine line when publishing your thoughts about real life. You need to respect other people’s secrets and still tell the story. You need to record your feelings in a particular moment, and be ready to stand behind what you said if confronted about it. It’s easy to forget this, writing for invisible people in internet-land. And yet, here I was, listening to a real live human being reacting to the things I’d written about them publicly.

I felt utterly humbled. It got me thinking about how I ended up writing what I did.

See, I generally avoid judgment. It’s not my style. However, I am hugely perceptive and rather mindful of other people, so I’ve learned to trust my instict. Which frankly, is something I emplore everyone to do. Now, instinct is based on biological factors, which stem from the need to survive – ie. it hurts if a beast eats you. It’s the inherent inclination towards a complex behaviour. So when you get approached on the street by some guy who on the surface seems nice and smart, but gives off a vibe of fucking weirdo creep, you feel uncomfortable and want to remove yourself from the situation. That’s fair.

You form a first impression of someone in the first few seconds you see them. Not talk to, but SEE them. You make a quick assessment of what they’re portraying, compare it with whatever experience and evolution have ingrained in your head, and act accordingly. That’s humanity for you.

Also works the other way around: My approaching strangers, on the surface, can seem like I’m a fucking weirdo creep. But beneath I give a vibe of warmth, honesty and respect. Which generally leads to people responding warmly. So I got that going for me, which is nice. =)

If I get a particular feeling about a person, I generally don’t make second guesses, because more often than not, I’m correct. But on the occasion, I get told off for making rash judgments without knowing all the facts. Inevitable, of course, but it raises questions:

  1. Is it useful to make quick assumptions?
  2. Why did I feel this particular way in the first place?
  3. Is it possible that I felt something they’re not even mindful about?
  4. Maybe I actually felt something, but it was a misprojection from a past experience with no relevance to the current matter?

Not that it really matters.

In any case, I don’t mean to offend. People are as they are, and I don’t get along with everyone. However, I am just a flawed human like anyone else, with a sharp tongue and the occasional bad day. So if on occasion, you find me going ad hominem on your ass, do feel free to give me an ass whooping.


A bit about domain-migration

I’ve been thinking about moving the blog to its own domain for a while now, mostly to make subscribing easier, but haven’t really gotten around to it. Because, you know, laziness.

The idea of this blog being out there, actually searched for on Google, by real people, pushed me to finally move the site to its own domain.

So the official domain of JTBL is now https://twobitsofluggage.com/, so update your bookmarks! The old url of http://twobitsofluggage.wordpress.com/ will redirect as well, so no worries there. Otherwise everything should continue as usual, the biggest change being the SUBSCRIBE-button on the right. So everyone please SUBSCRIBE, and you’ll be the first to know when a new post is published!

Oh, and anyone looking for how to migrate a wordpress.com blog to its own domain, use these brilliant instructions.


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