How To Escape Working Class Hell And Live A Limitless Natural Lifestyle

IMG_20150504_152745​You know that feeling, that creepy realization, that another week has gone by and you hardly had time to blink?

It’s like you’re stuck in a never-ending rerun of Seinfeld.

The same faces, day after day. Same crappy banter. Work in, work out, sleep and drink and do it all over again. Step after step, you feel yourself withering away. Every day, you take the same train home. Hell, your only excitement comes from dodging the ticket inspectors. The doors hiss closed behind you, and the train jerks to speed. It’s the rat race express.

You open your mobile phone and furiously start swiping for entertaining content on facebook, Tinder, or whatever quick fix you could find. Just as long as you don’t have to talk to any of these fucking freaks on the train. A baby cries a few seats away. A drunken carcass of a human sits beside you and urgently needs you to hear his whole damn life story.

You bite your teeth tighter together and you feel a twitch in your eye. You wish for a nervous breakdown. At least that would be exciting. You give your friend on facebook a bit of your grief – I hate this. Another day of this bullshit and nothing has changed. Why is this place so horrible? This damn train as well, I’m so sick of this shit.

Not a second passes and your friend, the most diplomatic guy of them all, someone who would never dare rock anyone’s boat .. says something utterly profound. Something that was enough to push you over the edge. Something that will probably stay with me for a long time.

“Hey. No one is forcing you to be here. You can leave.”

You can leave. Such a simple thought. And why shouldn’t you? Strangely, as if you were looking for some permission to just go, you suddenly realize that you simply can not stay.

And suddenly, all your anger dissolves. All your worries are replaced by plans and dreams. You sit there, watching the city fly by in the train window, and you feel like an alien in your own country. It was time.

Time to start living.

It took me three months to realize my escape. Sold my stuff, got rid of my apartment and said dear goodbyes to a loved one. That was painful, but the choice was a mediocre existence between us with a nagging idea of what if in the back of my mind, or going out and trying to find true happiness and purpose.

That was six months ago. I can’t even believe it’s been just six months, because it seems like lifetimes ago. When you’re constantly moving and battling against the uncertainty of where your next MEAL is gonna come from, getting through a day becomes an adventure in itself. Curiously, that constant struggle has made me more productive than I never thought I could be.

So I bought the cheapest flight I could find – Budapest. All I had was two suitcases and an idea: get out, meet people and learn how to fail. It was me against the world. But .. I always knew I’d find myself with brilliant people. I don’t know where that inherent faith comes from. I guess I’ve always been a dreamer.

And fittingly, my dream of starting a coaching company has taken huge strides ahead. Taking action towards a dream always leads to results. However small and insignificant the action seems, it always leads to a bigger action. It might take years and even decades, but if you just keep on taking action, things WILL start happening. And you will fail. You’ll fail so often, it’ll become second nature to you.

You will make failure your bitch.

Funny thing about failures they don’t teach you in elementary school: failure does not mean losing. In fact, every failure is a success waiting to happen. I’d argue that every time you’ve failed, you’ve tried. And that’s a WIN if I ever saw one. After all, what are these terms but simple rhetoric we attach to conclusions that could possibly happen? How the hell DO YOU KNOW what will happen? Why not try and find out?

My mission on my journey was to meet as many amazing people as I can. I think I had this idea in my head, that finding amazing people and hanging out with amazing people always leads to amazing things. Who knows how, but I’ve found them. I’ve found incredible personalities, incredible adventures, people and opportunities I could never have dreamed of. Most importantly, I’ve found a group of peers with similar goals to mine. I never had that in Finland. Someone to share dreams with. Someone to kick you when you feel unmotivated. Someone toFAIL with. Because after all, we’re on this big blue ball together. Why not enjoy the ride together?

I took the plunge without a plan. I had savings, sure. But those hardly covered 6 months of expenses. I leapt into the unknown with a hope I’ll live to show something for it. And if not, I hope I’ll fail gloriously and have the mightiest story to tell. Meanwhile, it’s lead to a few projects that I’m excited about:


I’m Jay. I’m a Rat Race Maverick. I escaped the clutches of society and peer pressure.

And so can you.




Thank you so much for your support, reader. Yes, YOU. I couldn’t do this without you guys.

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